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Dried groceries

Dried groceries


TM "Dobra mіra" - is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain genetically modified ingredients. This elite cereal, held a multi-level quality control. It is also the best package volume, allowing for a purchase buy six types of cereals that will fit even in a small handbag (1 pack = 400 gr. * 6 = 2.4 kg).

And in the end, TM "Dobra mіra" - it saves space in your kitchen without limitation range - all the cereals will fit on one small shelf.

“Tetya Sonya”. Bang! - And that’s that!

“Tetya Sonya” - is the best assistant of mistress! That is why it is simple and easy to prepare complete dinner consisted of several dishes to fit any taste from the product line under “Tetya Sonya” brand during 15 minutes.

How to make yourself and family happy – by chicken soup with vermicelli or mushroom soup with toasts, pancakes or fritters, lemon muffin or cake “Kosmos” – you decide. We have already taken care that the food has turned out tasty and useful. The main thing is - don’t be afraid to experiment! Moreover the label of every our product contain detailed recipe of its preparation.