Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

"Vsesvit" GC provides integrated warehousing logistics services in Ukraine such as storage and handling of goods for our customers in modern consignment warehouse (CWs). We provide the necessary intra-warehouse handling of goods, inventory, sorting, stikering, repacking of goods, and any additional handling

"Vsesvit" provides premises for warehouse logistic services in Kyiv, which are equipped in compliance with the modern requirements for storage and processing of products, serviced by professionals.

- Modern warehouse complex - brick / concrete;

- Adjustable temperature storage mode: from + 2 ° C to + 4 ° C; from + 5 ° C to + 12 ° C; + 20 ° C;

- Industrial self-leveling floors with anti-dust coating;

- Ventilation system;

- Heating system: stationary for winter; air conditioning for summer;

- Modern security alarm and video surveillance system;

–Fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing system;

–Emergency power supply systems (standby energy saving);

- Sites for holding and maneuvering of heavy duty vehicles;

- Covered ramp;

- Fenced, guarded around the clock, illuminated landscaped area;

–Strict access system;

–Professional warehouse management system.

"Vsesvit" offers such types of cargo storage within the framework of warehouse logistics in Ukraine:

1. Shelving storage (pallets);

2. Cell storage (boxes and bins);

3. Floor storage (for oversized cargoes).

The warehouses are equipped in accordance with all modern requirements: we offer a multi-tier shelving system, and we provide dedicated storage for each trade mark.

The ramp capacity is up to ten vehicles for unloading and loading. We provide high speed of cargo turnover and give guarantees for your cargo’s safety.

High level of warehouse storage services was achieved due to the maximum automation of cargo handling processes, the use of modern specialized warehouse equipment, and minimization of the "human factor".

The functions related to the freight logistics and the handling of goods in the warehouses, including but not limited to:

- Loading and unloading works;

- Acceptance of goods and placement of products in the storage;

- Selection of orders; picking and packaging for your customers;

- Stickering, and formation of promotional sets.

Warehouse logistics technologies

The automation of warehouse processes is performed by the operating system of warehouse management - WMS (Warehouse Management System), which works on the basis of the program "1C: WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management 4.0", which allows you to accurately make the goods upon order, to hold inventory, and to track the expiry date of the goods.

The fulfillment of orders and placement of goods in the storage locations is provided by mobile radios with bar code scanners Motorola Symbol Technologies, and the warehouses are equipped with mobile and stationary bar code printers Zebra Technologies.

We use electronic information interchange systems.

When using the warehouse logistics services frim "Vsesvit" group of companies in Ukraine, you can be sure that we will take care of your product and fulfill all the terms of the contract at the agreed time. “Vsesvit” uses in its work simple and understandable principles, on which we build relationships with our customers.

The cost of the logistics services or the consignment warehouse services that we provide is calculated by our specialists individually to each client.