For Suppliers

For Suppliers

Ukraine is an attractive market for foreign Suppliers.

Vsesvit Group Company offers a full range of services to bring products to market, sales development and promotion of imported brands on the Ukrainian market, namely:

  1. Marketing strategy development: an assessment of the competitive environment, the choice of the optimal product line, advice on positioning, pricing and investment.   
  2. Distribution throughout Ukraine. Vsesvit Group makes direct sales to national chains, retail stores Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, and also cooperates with local distribution companies in all regional centers. Is the experience of exclusive and focus teams, developing and carrying out national events.  
  3. Merchandising and BTL-support is a necessary condition to achieve high sales figures in modern trade. Brand managers will develop a set of effective promotional measures will ensure its implementation and see to the availability of products on the shelves in accordance with the standards of presentation.  
  4. Delivery of products from Russia, Europe, Asia, sea, road and rail. For the convenience of suppliers we are able to supply directly from the manufacturer. Is the experience of syllables custody at the warehouse GC "universe."  
  5. Customs clearance. Working in constant contact with the customs posts, we are aware of all the changes in the legal framework that allows for clearance quickly and inexpensively.  
  6. Certification. Our staff will help prepare the necessary documents to obtain Ukrainian certificates and registration of all necessary documents for future sales by Ukraine.