"Vsesvit" Group of Companies imports food products to Ukraine

As a leader among the importer companies in Ukraine, "Vsesvit" is a profile company with a huge track record of achievements in the development of sales and promotion of brands from foreign manufacturers.

We import only quality, proven products, caring about the domestic market of Ukraine and the domestic consumer.

Despite the qualitative and quantitative growth of the Ukrainian food industry, the import of products to Ukraine is not only a positive phenomenon for a normal turnover, but also it diversifies the assortment of goods in stores, and also forces domestic producers to "pull up" to the level of the best producers of the countries in near abroad, Europe, and Asia.

Import of the foodstuffs to Ukraine

“Vsesvit” Group of Companies, as one of the leading Ukrainian food importers, provides comprehensive registration of the necessary documentation for goods, as well as deliveries to the country's largest commodity networks. Working with imported products, we are using the best methods of transportation, storage, and delivery of goods to retailers. Our professional and experienced staff provides a highly organized, high-quality service, as our long-term practice of working with foreign partners guarantees a prompt and effective solution for the tasks of importing foodstuffs to Ukraine. We are doing everything possible to bring the country's market to the European level, to provide Ukrainian citizens with a rich assortment of quality goods at an adequate price, and to establish a commodity flow between producers and retailers.