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The Company’s own trademarks

The Company’s own trademarks

Confectionery brand “Ma'cherie”

Our own sweet products

For more than twenty years, GC "Vsesvit" has been one of the leading importers and distributors of quality food products to Ukraine, both imported and domestic. Gradually, we have expanded the scope of our activities.

We are pleased to present a new trademark of our own production: the confectionery products "Ma`cherie", which will please all lovers of sweet treats. Sweet baked goods, marmalade and rahat-lukum with a variety of flavors, and juicy churchchalla are in the collection of "Ma`cherie" products.

To create our sweet masterpieces we use only the best ingredients and well-thought-out recipes. Lush delicate croissants with chocolate or fruit fillings, ruddy pies with filling, crispy fresh cookies of different shapes and tastes – all lovers of sweeties and not only will find a lovely product for one’s own taste. We used to make sure that the wide range and quality of the confectionery products are combined with affordable prices for our customers.

The brand "Ma`cherie" is quality, availability, and always an excellent taste. We offer for our potential customers a flexible system of discounts and interesting offers, and fast delivery within a specified time (from one to two days) throughout Ukraine. We are open to working with wholesale buyers, as well as with trade networks, molls, shops, etc. Our company’s long-term experience of working in the market guarantees excellent results from cooperation.

Our confectionery products will be perfectly complement for the food shelves, and enjoy high popularity among customers.

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