Ukraine doesn’t use the majority of quotas for export to EU

Ukraine doesn’t use the majority of quotas for export to EU

The most of quotas for export of Ukrainian agrarian products to the European Union hasn't been used. Despite the promising prospects of free trade, many goods are being exported in quite small quantities in the meantime.

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Ukraine spends the quotas on agrarian products very unsteady, so, the quotas on honey, different juices, cereals and flour have been already exhausted in May 2015. From other side, majority of commodity groups, the quotas on which were provided according to free-trade agreement, almost have not been exported. Some products from approved list even have not been delivered yet: pork and veal, eggs, mutton, mushrooms. The Ukrainian dairy products have got permission for export only in the beginning 2016.

According to statistics, the situation repeated in 2016 and Ukraine has exhausted the quotas on honey during short period of time, and in several months - for oats, barley, flour, grape and apple juices and sugar.

As reported recently, Ukrainian producers were lobbying increasing the export quotas on grain products to the EU.