Our brands


Branded syrups TM PAPRICHI convey in full exceptional aroma of ripe, juicy fruits: strawberry, cherry, and lemon. It is rather dense, therefore are suitable not only for creation of cool drinks.

Syrups TM PAPRICHI can be added to tea, and for softness and aroma to light coffee. Also branded syrups are used as topping for ice-cream. The syrups can be added to prepared pastries (croissants, cakes) or to dough. It is possible to prepare fruit jelly.

Commonwealth with farmer enterprises, quality control of the raw materials, using glass tare only are the main factors, which make products of trade mark “Zdorova rodyna” ecologically friendly and attractive.

Development and implementation of new kinds of products are the key components of work of the enterprise.

The main motto of the products manufactured under TM “Zdorova rodyna” is “tasty and useful”.

All goods are made on the basis of fruits and vegetables, wild grasses and berries by which the nature of Ukraine is so rich and generous. During 7 years the products of TM “Zdorova rodyna” have become recognizable not only in Ukraine but also outside of it.