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Confectionery ingredients

Confectionery ingredients

Group of companies Sultanar (Turkey) consists of 12 companies with staff of more 2 000 people. The assortment of the company is more than 1 000 SKU of food and non-food groups, which is being exported to 55 countries of the world.

Trade marks: Kenton, Altin, Ari, Bunsa, Camsil, Ernet, Saloon, Piknik.

German company Dr.Oetker is engaged in production of confectionary goods and ingredients for more than hundred years. The staff of the company is more than 7 thousand employees, and assortment is more than thousand items in forty countries of the world West and East Europe, South Americe etc. Long-term experience and real German quality have made Dr. Oetker the confident leader of confectionary business.