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Coffee and drinks

Trade Mark “Galka” - is more than 80 years of constantly high quality of Ukrainian coffee. Today joint Ukrainian-English venture “Galka ltd” is not only leading strong modern enterprise, where the latest technologies are applied, but also production with fundamental points to save naturalness and environmental friendliness of raw materials on the basis of which the high-quality finished goods are manufactured. The enterprise manufactures products for every taste which will satisfy different categories of consumers.

The history of “Kava zi Lvova” has started since 1829. Just then the first coffee house has been opened in city of Lvov which is obliged by its appearance to outstanding figure of Yuriy Kulchitsky, who has played a crucial role in a victory over Turks during a siege of Vienna. As an award for his merits he has received 300 bags of the coffee left by Turks. Subsequently he has opened the first coffee house in Vienna which became the center of Vienna elite. Ukrainian has taught to drink coffee exactly them, and after the whole Europe. Kulchitsky has brought bitter coffee beans to Lvov where the most unique drink in the world started to be prepared. Exactly from Lvov the heady aroma of coffee has scattered by invisible veil across Europe, coming into each home and soul.