Warehouses characteristic

Warehouse complexes are equipped according to modern requirements to storage and processing the products.

Temperature mode of storage:

+2 +4С; +5 +12С; + 20С

The warehouses have capacity to operate in temperature mode:


The entrances to warehouse are free and accessible for trucks, the territory is protected.

There is a roofed ramp in warehouse complex.

Warehouse complex - brick/concrete.

Separated storage for every TM.

Storage system– pallet rack storage.

Dust content of a warehouse – doesn't exceed permissible levels.

Poured-in-place industrial floor.

Heating -winter- stationary heating; summer- conditioning.

Lighting is sufficient.

Warehouse complex is equipped by means of fire safety (fire extinguishers + sensors), and also tracking devices: video monitoring, climate control (thermometer + hygrometer).