Clients of Vsesvit Group Company are domestic and international suppliers, distribution companies and retailers. Vsesvit Group Company has developed network of regional offices. We provide custody services for goods in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Odessa.

Vsesvit Group Company take special care about logistics, beginning with regular training of employees and ending the ideal condition of transport.

Properly organized and debugged work of logistics allows us to be a confident player in the market in a competitive environment. Thanks to its own logistics complex, Vsesvit Group Company quickly and precisely in time carries cargo throughout Ukraine.

For importers

  • Organization of «technical import» and full logistic support.

For suppliers

  • Successful experience of gradual transition from supplier's own logistics to external logistics. We offer a hybrid service system of retailers as by direct supllier's contracts, as well as our distributive solutions.

For distributors

  • Cross-docking of orders of distributor to national and local retailers, the weekly schedule of delivery anywhere inside Ukraine, without limitation of minimum quantity. Working with client's complaints on the ramp.

Quick return of documents.