Fullfilment, in simple words

You already have got an online store or profile on online shopping sites, as well as a customer base and a growing number of orders? Good news!

But, you do not have enough time for quality processing of orders, bundling and delivery organization? And yet, you feel there are too few hours in a day?

At least, there are two proven options for further development of your business.

Option 1

We hire the manager (s) to process orders. we take a warehouse for rent. We hire warehouse workers, install (and support) a good software to automate the warehouse accounting system (as this is impossible to work qualitatively with a pen and notepad, with a large number of nomenclature!)

Pros of option 1: the customer base is increasing, the number of orders and profits is growing.

Contras of option 1:

  • additional costs (quite large) for hiring employees (taking into account turnover, sick leave, vacations), arrangement of workplaces;
  • rent or purchase of warehouse space, warehouse equipment and loading equipment, equipment depreciation, security;
  • the cost on processing the return requests;
  • recovery, commission on payment systems;
  • the cost of IT (it’s not cheap, and you have to get into the "working mode of programming genius").

The summary on the option 1:

You have spent much more time (the human factor is still present); the quality of order fulfillment is questionable; you have got some additional profit, but you also spent additional costs.

Option 2

You work independently with your customers, but you trust all "technical logistics issues" to fulfill to outsource professionals!

Fullfilment. What is it? And how does it work?

Many people might have already heard about this, but they do not imagine how this service can significantly facilitate the life of an entrepreneur.

The group of companies "Vsesvit" is a logistic operator with more than 20 years of experience, will be a reliable partner for you for a whole range of work.

Here are the functions that we fulfill every day:

  • receipt of goods from the supplier (bar code allocation to each commodity unit, quality control, quantity);
  • storage of goods (cell, box, pallet);
  • assembly (bundling) of orders, formation of sets, sticking;
  • packing of orders;
  • delivery or shipping by optimal delivery services;
  • processing returns (if necessary);
  • payment service, control.

Pros of option 2:

  • You get extra free time to look for smart novelties and seasonal discounts from the goods manufacturers;
  • Higher quality of execution of customer orders;
  • Access on-line (through the personal cabinet on our website) to all information relating to your goods, such as: residual stocks, the number of shipments, and the status for each individual batch of goods;
  • No long-term and significant capital investment is required;
  • You can quickly start a project or new product lines;
  • Moderate costs for fullfilment (on average, processing one order will cost you 10 UAH).

The summary on the option 2:

  • The customer base is increasing, and the number of orders and profits is growing;
  • The cost on processing orders is minimal;
  • You get additional profit!

Fullfilment is a ready-made solution for online stores of any size.

A full range of logistics services is possible, as well as an individual set of operations, for example, without storage or with delivery. The configuration can be various, as you wish.

What we can do:

  • The modern warehouse complex in Kyiv;
  • Automated WMS accounting system;
  • The complete warehouse staff;
  • 24-hour security, video surveillance;
  • The contracts with leading delivery services with a discount program are available.

You only pay for the services provided in the past period.

The test period of cooperation allows you to ensure that the decision was right, and that you have chosen a right partner!